AI for social good


Distinguished Professor  Chengqi Zhang

Associate Vice-President (Research Relationships China)

University of Technology Sydney

Chairperson of Australian Computer Society National Committee for AI

General Chair of IJCAI-2024

The Title of Speech: AI for social good

Abstract of Speech:

AI has been successfully applied to everyday lives at an accelerating pace, and it has a great potential to provide tremendous social good in the future. In this talk, Prof Chengqi Zhang will introduce a brief history of AI , recent advances in AI, and the recent work that are using the forefront AI for social good, such as health, logistics, and agriculture. He will then talk about the potential use of AI in various topics that are essential for social good in the future. The new challenges raised around AI and ethics, AI and Humans will be discussed at the end.

Biography of the Speaker:

Distinguished Prof Chengqi Zhang is the Associate Vice President (Research Relationships China) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He has been the Chairman of the Australian Computer Society National Committee for Artificial Intelligence since November 2005 till now.

He is a worldwide recoginised research leader in the areas of data mining and machine learning. So far, a total of 342 papers have been published. He was invited to give 20 keynote speeches at international conferences. Thirty PhD students were instructed to complete their doctoral studies, and eight of them are now full professors. In 2011, he received the NSW Science and Engineering (Engineering and ICT) award and the award for UTS Vice Chancellor for Excellence in Research (Leadership). He served in the ARC College of Experts from 2012 to 2014.  Additionally, he had served as General Chair for three world top conferences, ICDM 2010, KDD 2015, and IJCAI 2024.